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Top 3 Reasons to Stay at an Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resort

Why would someone pick an oceanfront resort when you visit Myrtle Beach? Well … let’s start with:

1. A room with a view

When you wake up in the morning while you are on vacation, we all know that the first thing you want to do is roll over, pull back the drapes, and look at a parking lot and a parking garage.

Wait, what? That’s not what you want to see? Of course it isn’t! You want to see the freshly risen sun reflecting onto the Atlantic Ocean. You want to see white-crested waves unfurling along the shore. You want a great view from the moment you wake up until you watch another orange and purple South Carolina sunset at the end of the day.

2. Easy beach access

You know who coined the term “the dog days of summer”? Someone who didn’t stay at an oceanfront resort when they came to visit Myrtle Beach! You’ve probably seen the type—they’re the sweaty ones trying to cross Ocean Boulevard traffic while lugging a cooler and chairs and wrangling a couple of grumpy kids.

It’s so much easier to stay oceanfront. You’ll end up sleeping a hop, skip, and an elevator ride from the beach. No lugging chairs across traffic. No long haul to the beach. It’s right in your “backyard.”

3. Pool with a view

Sure, swimming and playing at the beach is fun, but sometimes you want a break from the saltwater and sand, and that’s where our resort pool comes in. Kids love a good pool and – let’s be honest- just because you want to take a break from the sand and a dip without the waves doesn’t mean you want to forget you’re at the beach!

And really, there are few things more relaxing than sitting back poolside, being served an ice-cold drink, and watching the sun glistening off the ocean.

So what do you think, what’s your number one reason to stay in an oceanfront resort when you stay in Myrtle Beach?

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