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Swashbuckling Entertainment at Pirate’s Voyage

Pirates Voyage Dinner Theater in Myrtle BeachPirate’s Voyage is featuring a brand new show this 2014 season, so even if you’ve already been there you are going to want to go back and see the action. With more sword fights, stunts, and dives, this new show is full of excitement and suspense.

If you arrive early, you will get to see the Pre-Show in Pirate’s Village where there will be pirate’s teaching you what it means to be a pirate. Pirate’s Village features a world-famous juggler and even appearances from their sea lions. There are also many activities for the kid’s to enjoy, such as Join the Crew which is a pirate or mermaid face painting and accessory package or try a cool looking glitter tattoo.

When it’s time to go into the show, you will go upstairs to enter into Buccaneer Bay, where you will meet Blackbeard, and his crew. Watch as the sapphire and crimson pirates compete to win Davy Jones’ hidden treasure. There is also exciting sword fights, amazing stunts, and captivating dives all of which will keep you at the edge of your seat. While you watch, you will get a feast of half of a chicken, pulled pork, potatoes, corn, soup, biscuit, and an apple turnover.

Pirate’s Voyage is an attraction that will be enjoyed by your whole family. Parents and kids alike will be amazed with all the stunts performed during the show. So while you’re vacationing in Myrtle Beach, be sure to put Pirate’s Voyage on your list of things to do.

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